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Nizar Krayem Design
Graphic Communications and Digital Imaging

Laura Macey Designs is now Nizar Krayem Design. Multidisciplinary visual and graphic designer with a background spanning marketing, print, experiential design, video, multimedia, and software interface design, NKD is adept at turning concepts into captivating visuals across various platforms.


About NKD

Nizar Krayem Design:

Elevating Your Brand Across Industries

At Nizar Krayem Design, we're more than just designers; we're storytellers. With a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set, we specialize in crafting compelling narratives for businesses across various sectors. Our expertise spans multiple industries, including Med Tech, High-tech Manufacturing, Education, Banking and Finance, Photonics and Optics, and Information Technology.

Laura Macey Designs has merged with Nizar Krayem Design. We are excited about this change and look forward to serve you.


Multidisciplinary Visual and User Interface Graphic Designer:

Crafting Creative Excellence Across Industries

Are you in search of a visionary designer who can bring your brand to life through an array of mediums? Look no further than our Multidisciplinary Visual and User Interface Graphic Designer. With an unparalleled skill set and a proven track record in diverse creative realms, they are the driving force behind transformative design experiences.


Printed corporate collateral, digital design, graphic user interface and software design, interactive media, technical data sheets, brochures and catalogs, print ads and display ads, corporate identity, branding, trade show booth environments, motion graphics and video editing, website design, technical illustrations and diagrams.


Print • Digital


Brochures, Flyers

• Posters
• Data Sheets / Tech Briefs
• Logos, Branding
• Technical Illustrations
• Packaging
• Trades Show Graphics

noun_mobile monitor_2868197.png

UI/UX • Multimedia

• User Interface Design
• Prototype, Wire Frame
• SW Interface Design
• Video Production

• Motion Graphics
• Icon Development
• Web Design



• People
• Products
• Retouching
• Photo Manipulation



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